John Hodgman Gives Me Some Advice

Just back from John Hodgman‘s “Secret Show” at the Rendezvous in Turners Falls. It was just like the final Nation West event a week ago where Aimee was sworn in as President. It was just like that only hotter, crowdeder, and with John Hodgman. We learned a lot about Molemen as John read both from his new book The Areas of My Expertise and from… some other book. I’m sorry I can’t remember. The truth is despite putting “basking in the glow of my defeat” in my Twitter post and bragging to confused strangers about how I don’t have to go to Red Sox Games, I’ve been a little bit sad since my defeat.

You see, I just don’t know what to not care about any more.

Luckily Hodgman’s show was interactive – he fended off some lovely-but-scary audience members with aplomb, and he asked for someone to please read some questions about Molemen. Perhaps since losing the bully pulpit of the Nation West contest, I’ve been a little starved for attention. At any rate when he almost chose me, but instead chose “the guy with the beard” (I know you’re thinking, “but Glenn has a beard”. Well, yes, but this guy was definitely The Guy with the Beard. I was standing right next to the guy and I almost fell in.) – when he chose this guy I felt a little sad. But was heartened that Hodgman remembered me at the very end of the question and answer period.

And I asked him. What do you think I should not care about now that I am done not caring about baseball.

He suggested it was good I was sitting at a bar, that a bar is a good place for someone who has just lost the disinterest of their life. Well everyone keeps telling me that. But no matter how many mango spritzers and seltzer and limes I drink, I still feel the same, only then I’m sad and I have to go to the bathroom.

Thanks anyway, John. It was a nice try. Maybe the one or two of you who are reading this could click “add comment” and share your advice.


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6 Responses to “John Hodgman Gives Me Some Advice”

  1. jaz Says:

    You know, you could not care about shaving, and then – next time – YOU’LL be The Guy with the Beard.

  2. Monte Says:

    Or you could not care about not caring about anything then it’s like “I couldn’t care less about not caring for anything.” And then chew some Care-free gum.

  3. Becky Says:

    or you could stop going to bars and start riding your bike to work, do a lot of jumping jacks every day and get that seratonin flowing again! Whatever you do, for pete’s sake, keep on bloggin’!

  4. JS Says:

    I think you should not care about the Government. There is already a Talking Heads song about that, or at least a song entitled that, which should give you a good base to build on.

  5. David L. Says:

    Victory or no, I say throw yourself a party. Of course, I say this with the self-interest of a person who would like to be invited to a party, and would even bake a big ol’ party cake.

  6. christina Says:

    What about the disinterested wives??

    But it’s not all about me. Why don’t you care about… gardening? books? javelin?

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